Welcome Letter


Greeting and welcome to the MVAA football website.

It is my sincere goal to create an atmosphere where all our young athletes are afforded an opportunity to participate in instructional, recreational, and competitive athletics. Moreover, the MVAA’s primary vision is to produce young athletes who understand and display the meaning of leadership, discipline, integrity, hard work, and personal courage. These attributes that I’ve just mentioned come only when an athlete makes the necessary commitment to excellence and takes the initiative to play the highest caliber of football anywhere in Maryland.  The Middletown community has supported the MVAA football program for decades.

Families and players choose to compete in MVAA football because it is the official “feeder” to the Middletown High School football program. The coaches of the MVAA adhere to the philosophical and physical demands expected from Head Varsity Football Coach – Kevin Lynott.  The MVAA football program provides a seamless transition for its players into the MHS football program where former MVAA players have thrived and helped to make MHS football one of the most successful programs in our area.

How do you as an MVAA athlete fit into this picture? Simply stated, you must constantly look for venues to challenge yourself daily, for this is the only way you will grow as a person and athlete. Words like leadership, discipline, integrity, hard work, and personal courage are used very loosely in today’s society, but how many people that you know actually live this credo? MVAA football will teach you not only what these words mean, but will teach you how to emulate these words in every day life. Again, MVAA coaches teach football not with the intent of winning every game, but producing young men who are mentally tough and disciplined in every aspect of life.

MVAA football challenges you to become the best athlete possible. If you want to be prepared for high school football, you must have the essential tool to succeed. The MVAA football program will mold you into the football player you desire by emphasizing individual humility and being part of a team. Our football coaching staff has a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge of the game and an intense dedication to Middletown High School football.

Again, thank you for your time and we hope to see you on the football field in August, and remember…, Knight Pride!

William Poffenbarger

MVAA Football Sports Director