Things To Know About MVAA Football


  • The MVAA players have continued their success at the high school level.   The philosophies and nomenclature utilized in the MVAA program allow for the gradual and successful succession to the Middletown High School football program.  Every player in the MVAA program develops the skills and techniques to help them reach their full potential.
  • The MVAA competes in the Mountain Valley Youth Football League (MVYFL).  Our league does not condone unsportsmanlike acts from coaches or players.  We are proud of the fact that none of the Middletown MVAA football coaches or players (40 seasons) has ever been cited with an infraction to the league.  We respect the job of the officials and demand the same of our players.  The same officials employed in MVYFL officiate at the high school games.
  • Our primary coaching positions are filled by those who believe that success is bred by continuity and consistency.  Coaches are assigned to teams based on the needs of the overall program, not neccessarily where their son plays.  This in itself inherently provides us an unbiased evaluation of the talent.  The potential of every player in our program can be tapped to the fullest, void of personal bias.
  • Our approach has been successful.  In the 7 years we have fully implemented the continuity approach to coaching, the three competitive levels of our program have a combined record of 181-52-2.  We have two MVYFL Superbowl victories, eight Superbowl runner-ups and 9 Valley Divisional titles.
  • MHS head varsity football coach – Coach Lynott has coached within the MVAA program for the last 5 seasons.  Coach Lynott was also our game time PA announcer.  It was not uncommon to hear our fans praise the excellent job and commentary provided by Coach Lynott.  His guidance and assistance helps reinforce the MVAA efforts in preparing our players for high school.
  • Many of the present MHS football coaches were former MVAA coaches and/or players.
  • First year players have always contributed to our program’s success and have earned starting positions.  Part of the excitement each year for our coaching staff is not knowing the potential attributes of a new player.  Time after time, the new players serve a vital role on all of our teams.  It is never too late to start playing football with the MVAA.
  • The MVYFL is comprised of a DI and DII level.  The same coaches coach both the DI and DII teams.  Both divisions practice together and only separate on game day.  The DII Middletown squads adhere to a “must-play” policy.  Playing time at the DII level is afforded to all of the athletes that practice.  MVAA understands there are commitments that take precedence over football, including but not limited to family, scholastic and religious events.  These situations can be handled one on one with the head coach.
  • We have an 85% retention rate with MVAA football players.  Year after year, players return to our program with the desire to become a better player and contributor to their team.  We have found that our program offers an appealing venue for those wanting to commit to a team and continue to build the Middletown football tradition.